fixed prosthodontics

General :fixed prosthodontics is branch of dentistry that concerned with restoration of teeth using crowns, bridges, onlays, inlays and veneers.

  • Macro-esthetic in dentistry

    Esthetic formula There should be a harmony between; i)Basal bone of jaws (mandible and maxilla) ii)Musculature (lips and cheeks) iii) Teeth (color, size, form, alignment, position) Macro-esthetic It is the…

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  • pre-wedging in dentistry

    pre-wedging when you encounter tight contact in your patient, It’s important to foucs in the next procedures, It’s a very important step that many of us overlook and it is…

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  • strength of adhesion

    strength of adhesion

    factors affects strength of adhesion in dentistry directly dealing with our clinical work in many different times and this is considerd measuers in some cultuers to detects the skill of…

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  • efficiency of adhesion

    Introduction An important objective in dentistry is adherence of restorative materials to tooth structure. It is also important that a restauration in all respects will resemble the tooth. It should…

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  • hygienic pontic

    hygienic pontic Hygienic Pontic is short word yet with wide means so we summary it in special article   hygienic pontics in dentistry : The hygienic pontic meets the requirements…

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  • pontic in dentistry

    بونتيك في طب الأسنان يعتبر الجسر جزءًا من الجسر الثابت، ويتميز تصميمه وتصنيفاته وتكوينه بتنوع كبير. سنقوم هنا بجمع وتلخيص أنواع وتصميمات الجسور بالاجتهاد الشخصي لمجموعة من طلاب المرحلة الجامعية،…

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